Gamers for Universal Broadband

Gamers for Universal Broadband supports the fight for a national universal broadband plan, access to high speed internet, and every American's right to have access to high speed and broadband.

The internet is changing how the modern world operates.  From expanding social networks and offering new ways to communicate with one another, to challenging traditional business models while creating new markets, the Internet dramatically alters our lives.  Increasingly, we need high speed broadband connections and access to use the Internet to its fullest potential.

Take action by joining Gamers for Universal Broadband below.  Get your friends involved.  Send letters to the presidential campaigns and Congress.  This is something we can accomplish in the next Presidential administration - no matter who enters the White House on January 20th, 2009.

ECA® has joined with other national groups like Google, Free Press and Skype to launch the coalition, which brings the voices of sometimes divergent communities together in this quest.

ECA® is a proud partner with Connected Nation, the nation's model for improving digital inclusion.  Connected Nation has a proven track record in advancing universal broadband, and ECA® proudly serves on Connected Nation's advisory committee to help further our shared vision.

ECA® is also pleased to partner with the Communications Workers of America and the AFL-CIO on, where Americans may go to test their own internet speed, learn more and take action.  The U.S. now ranks 16th in the world in median broadband speed with no signs of improving.  ECA® believes that any universal broadband plan should also include a plan to bring internet speeds in the United States to a level comparable with the rest of the world, because we believe that broadband access, by itself, is not enough.

Gamers that have ever experienced lag while playing on-line should all understand how the interrelated issues of speed and broadband access impact them.  As digital distribution and on-line play expand, universally faster connections will help gamers get the most from game play.

You can learn more about universal broadband by reading this article, this report, or this editorial.  We'll be adding new information and materials periodically, so check back regularly.

Join Gamers for Universal Broadband today.  Together we can change worlds.

The ECA® also believes that gamers should be able to play the games they want on the internet.  Several Internet Service Providers (ISPs), including Comcast, Frontier and Time Warner are actively moving towards implementing monthly caps for their users' Internet connections.  These user caps could limit or stop game play by arbitrarily and artificially limiting bandwidth in the name of network management.  Take action and tell the ISPs it's not ok to cap bandwidth.

You can find out more about the ISPs' plans here and here.

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