Gamers for Net Neutrality

(GfNN) is a joint initiative of:

Stand up for your gaming rights and join more than 1.5 million Americans of every political persuasion in the fight for Net Neutrality — the principle that ensures that gamers are free to go where they want, do what they like, and connect with whom they choose online.

Without Net Neutrality, your Internet Service Provider is free to charge you extra for playing World of Warcraft®, to interfere with Xbox Live®, or to completely shut off your ability to access your favorite Web sites. Net Neutrality affects your entire online experience!

Join Gamers for Net Neutrality. Together, we'll fight to protect Internet freedom and find innovative ways to educate the entire gaming community about the importance of this issue.

You can read more about how Network Neutrality affects you in this op-ed, and this NPR article.

The ECA® also believes that gamers should be able to play the games they want on the internet.  Several Internet Service Providers (ISPs), including Comcast, Frontier and Time Warner are actively moving towards implementing monthly caps for their users' Internet connections.  These user caps could limit or stop game play by arbitrarily and artificially limiting bandwidth in the name of network management.

You can find out more about the ISPs' plans here and here.

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