Environmental Responsibility

The Entertainment Consumers Association® (ECA®) backs environmentalism.  ECA® believes that its members can work together to help be responsible stewards of the Earth.

To that end, ECA® urges its members to recycle e-waste, which is the informal definition for electronic products nearing the end of their "useful life." Cell phones, computers, monitors, televisions, game consoles (such as the PlayStation, Xbox, DS, PSP, and Wii) are among the many electronic products that can be recycled. Unfortunately, discarded electronic products are one of the fastest growing segments of our nation's waste stream.  This is especially troubling in light of the potentially harmful materials in many electronic devices.

Recycling e-waste is one way in which ECA® members can make environmentally-friendly choices in disposal of old, outdated or broken electronic devises. The term recycling means the equipment is disassembled and the plastic, glass and metal components are recovered and used to manufacture new products, while harmful materials are disposed of in proper ways.

ECA® encourages everyone to dispose of their consumer electronics in an environmentally responsible manner.  There are recycling centers across the country at which members can recycle used computers and game consoles.

To find the recycling center nearest you, please visit My Green Electronics and type in your zip code.  Dell Computers will issue you a gift card if you send them your used laptops, cameras, PDAs, digital music players and other products, regardless of whether they are Dell products.  Best Buy has also recently announced their own consumer electronics recycling program which will accept video game systems free of charge.

For more information about e-waste, visit the EPA's eCycling website or read the latest EPA report on recycling and reusing electronics.

ECA® also applauds the console makers' efforts to make their products as environmentally responsible as possible.  Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony all have posted statements outlining their positions.

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