I’d like to begin by gratefully thanking all of the people, organizations and partners, who have shared their heart-felt thoughts and concerns about the well-being of ECA staff, family and friends given the proximity of our office in Wilton to Newtown. I am relieved to report that none of us, or our immediate families, suffered any losses of life. Unfortunately, many of us had friends and their families who did. As we try to work through things, we appreciate that there are many people who have had visceral reactions to the news and that we are all having the same discussions that countless millions must be having about important issues such a gun laws, mental health, school security and emergency response.

Regarding media requests for a statement about what role violent media (movies, music, games, etc.) has played, I’d simply and respectfully point to the lack of evidence to support any causal link. As our local law enforcement – involving most of the surrounding towns – work in concert with state and federal authorities, we will likely learn more about all involved and perhaps even more clarity about the murderer, his health and family. But until there are any details that point to media-related blame, it’s premature to make any such assumptions.

The facts in the case remain stark and horrifying, but they are very few and far between. Initial reports about Connecticut’s supposedly lax gun laws were quickly dispelled once reports began circulating that our state leads the nation in regulation, restrictions, safety and training. Similarly, early speculation that weapons were unsecured in the family’s home were replaced with the reality that they were locked. Examples of this sort may be the new normal in a time with Internet-speed reporting and in that case it is and will be incumbent upon us to wait before judging and be responsible and pragmatic in digesting the overwhelming information.

On behalf of our staff, consultants, friends and families, thank you for your thoughts and prayers – they are deeply appreciated.


Hal Halpin, President