From both a political and a cultural perspective, these are challenging times for gamers. New issues that concern consumer rights broadly, but effect gamers specifically, have made our work that much more important - and your involvement that much more necessary. Be it restrictive, intrusive or punitive digital rights management (DRM) technologies or access and content providers seeking to limit our rights online, we must make our voices heard, and that's where the ECA® comes in.

On behalf of the 50 million consumers of games across the US and Canada, the association works to protect our collective rights by working directly with legislators, building or joining coalitions or engaging and activating our membership through a variety of digital advocacy initiatives. Together, we effect change and - for the first time - have a seat at the negotiation table.

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We work on a wide variety of legal, public policy and government affairs issues and have fostered and/or developed a number of related area-specific initiatives. Take a moment to check out the list in the left-hand navigation to review some of our "Gamers for" groups and the important work that our members and your fellow gamers are undertaking. ECA® has engaged in over sixty initiatives and prevailed each and every time, be it as particular an issue as preventing the taxation of digital content, or as encompassing as our coalition's involvement with opposing SOPA and PIPA.

If you want to make your voice heard on the major issues confronting gaming consumers today - anti-game legislation, digital rights, and more - join ECA® today. Together, we can make a difference.