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Bill S. 978 has been introduced before the United States Senate and currently resides before the Committee on the Judiciary.  The legislation, if passed, would impose stricter copyright laws and penalties when it comes to streaming, playing, or reproducing copyrighted material.  While we believe in the rights of copyright holders, this legislation’s broad language would make criminals out of millions of Americans.

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As gamers, we love our games and support those companies who support our hobbies.  We also understand that the world which supports games can be complex and difficult to understand.  Behind-the-scenes legal issues like digital content distribution, license agreements, virtual property and video game piracy, …who can make sense of it all?!  This group, Gamers for Digital Rights, strives to get the information out to consumers on the ins and outs of content protection: what exactly is intellectual property; what rights do creators and publishers have; and most importantly, what rights do we gamers have.

Digital rights for gamers must balance the publishers’ digital rights with those of the consumer.  If you don’t know the rules when buying games or playing them with your friends, forget grinding or leveling up, you’ll lose the game in the real world.

Take control of your gaming rights by joining this group and becoming knowledgeable about your legal rights as a video game enthusiast and consumer.  Get your clan members and friends involved.  Send letters to your favorite publishers, praising them for the latest title in your favorite game franchise and letting them know what you think of digital rights.

Join Gamers for Digital Rights today.  Know your rights…in their world, and in ours.

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