Entertainment Consumers Association® (ECA®)

is the Non-Profit membership organization that represents consumers that play video games in the U.S. and Canada.

Standard Ad Units

  Ad Size Supplied We Create
Newsletter Leaderboard 756x96 Yes No
All Other Leaderboards 728x90 Yes No
Island 250x250 Yes No


Advertising Rates

Publication Targeted Cost
ECA nightly newsletter 1 month of advertising
1 week of advertising
Custom email blast   $7,000
GamePolitics 1 month for leader board position
1 month banner
GameCulture leader board position
250x250 banner


Unique monthly visitors

Publication Visitors
GamePolitics 550,000
GameCulture 75,000



Publication Visitors
ECA Nightly Newsletter 500,000


64 Danbury Road - Wilton, CT 06897     ecaadvertising(at)theeca(dot)com     Heather Ellertson: 203-761-6183